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Artist Statement

A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

I am hugely inspired by my musical family – my father, grandfather, and uncle who were all public school music educators who encouraged my vastly expansive music tastes – one of which has become my favorite to sing – 70s/80s music. I ultimately want to redefine what it means to be inspired by the greats of the past and reinvent that music into today’s new music landscape! However, the most fulfilling part of my personal music journey has been in the face of my toughest battles having watched both my dad and grandmother grapple with cancer and additionally, my most meaningful singing experiences that have inspired my current career philosophy of “understanding the artist from the artist’s perspective.” My philosophy is rooted deeply in my love of performance and experiencing the energetic flow of relationships of the performing world so that I can also effectively approach my love of the business side of the industry through a better, more empathetic and healing filled lens.  While in Prague, on a U.S.-European Tour Choir trip, in an incredible moment of music, forming a strong bridge between music, language and culture occurred when our U.S. Tour Choir had the opportunity (with translation), to sing together with a group of Polish students the song Hallelujah in English. This bittersweet moment – reminiscent especially of my grandmother’s life’s work as an educator for the deaf – was made even more meaningful as I was reminded by her nature to empower her students in their pursuit of their dreams by giving them the tools needed to succeed. Ultimately, I have learned that your experiences shape your unique perspective and make you “YOU” so lean into them so that you can offer the world your gifts in whatever you decide to pursue!

Artist Statement: About
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